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After carrying out a revision of what must be considered a monumental bibliography of living and fossil mollusca of the Terebridae Family, put together by my friend Josè Marquet who passed anay a few years ago, in my opinion the greatest expert in the subject, I became convinced of the need to unify and reorganize all of his research into one great encyclopedia.

A work which collects most of what has been written or illustrates the Terebridae Family since 1758 until 2000.

In this way I hope to fill a void, allowing experts and simple shell lovers alike to deepen their knowledge.

I have left the manuscripts given to me by Josè, for the most part, in their original form in order that the value of this scrupulous, honest and above all modest altruist may be appreciated.

Umberto Aubry

E-mail: umberto.aubry@tin.it